Eurovignette booking

Picture showing truck with licence plate. The country part of the licence plate is highlighted

Licence plate country

Choose the country code of the country in which the motor vehicle is registered. The country code is also displayed on your licence plate.

Picture showing registration paper with highlighted License plate country


Licence plate number

Enter the licence plate number exactly as stated in your vehicle registration card/papers.

Picture showing truck with highlighted license plate number


Axle class

Please select the axle class in accordance with the number of the total axles of the truck or the truck trailer combination you are using on the motorway. Just add the number of axles of the truck and of the trailer(s). Please note: lifted axles are not excepted and have to be added.

Picture showing side view of a truck with highlighted axles


Emission class

Please select the emission class of your motor vehicle. You will find the emission class in the registration card/papers of your vehicle.There is no euronorm in your vehicle registration certificate? Then the following table applies:
EuronormDate of
1st admission
Euro 0until 30.06.1992
Euro 101.07.1992 - 30.09.1995
Euro 201.10.1995 - 30.09.2000
Euro 301.10.2000 - 30.09.2005
Euro 401.10.2005 - 30.09.2008
Euro 5 and EEV*-indication01.10.2008 - 31.12.2012
Euro 6 or less pollutingfrom 01.01.2013
* EEV-indication = Enhanced Environmental friendly Vehicle
Picture of a truck with emissions and registration paper


Valid from

Valid from

Please enter the start date of the period in which you would like to use the toll roads. The validity starts at the time of the booking. For future periods the validity starts at 0.00 hours of the first day.


Valid until

Valid until

Please enter the end date of the period in which you would like to use the toll roads. The period of validity is at least 1 calendar day and maximum 1 year. The validity ends at 24:00 hours on the last day of validity.



Please note: Denmark Exit 2025

On 1 January 2025 Denmark will change from the Eurovignette to a kilometre-based road tax for heavy goods vehicles. Please check for more information on the new tax. As a result of this change a Eurovignette will no longer be needed in Denmark after 31 December 2024.


In the other Eurovignette member states: Luxemburg, The Netherlands and Sweden a Eurovignette is still needed for heavy goods vehicles.

Registration and acceptance

You don't need to create an account before you can book a Eurovignette. The Eurovignette is stored electronically and there is no need to carry further paper documents with you. The Eurovignette is a road user charge. Heavy goods vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of minimum 12 tons have to buy the Eurovignette to use motorways and toll highways in the Eurovignette countries (Denmark, Luxemburg, the Netherlands and Sweden). On order of the Eurovignette countries AGES is responsible for selling Eurovignettes. The Eurovignette is accepted in all Eurovignette countries. Therefore even if you travel through several Eurovignette countries, only one valid Eurovignette is needed.

Accepted means of payment

  • Fuel and fleet cards

    AS24, Circle K, DKV, Esso, euroShell, eurotoll sas, EUROTRAFIC, Eurowag, LogPay, Mercedes ServiceCard, Multi Service Tolls, OMV, PLOSE, Ressa, TotalEnergies, TSI Global Star, UTA

  • Credit cards

    Mastercard and VISA