Eurovignette information


What should I do if there are problems with user authentication with DKV fuel cards?
DKV cardholders may be redirected to for the purpose of user authentication. If there are any problems with this user authentication, please try to book again. Please also note the information under
Where can I find the security code for my fuel card?
Please contact your card issuer about this.
Can I correct my data after my booking has been completed?
Before finishing the booking please check the accuracy of your data. If after completion you should find an error however, it will not be possible to correct the booking. In the case of vignettes with a remaining period you could possibly get part of the paid fee refunded by sending a request for refund.
Can I book a vignette retrospectively?
No, a vignette cannot be booked retrospectively. The start of validity of a Eurovignette cannot be before the time of booking (date, time).
What do I have to do, if one or more booking details are not correct?
If you have entered an incorrect licence plate number or an incorrect country code, you have to book a new Eurovignette with the correct information. If you have entered an incorrect validity, you have to book any missing period subsequently. If your booking with an incorrect axle and emission class combination results in a fee that is identical or higher than a booking with the correct axle and emission class combination (according to the tariff list), you do not need to book a new vignette. Otherwise, you must book a new vignette.
I cannot read the security code / captcha. How can I still book?
If the security code was incorrectly entered, a new security code will appear automatically and you can try entering the code again.
Can I view a list of all my bookings online?
No, it is not possible.
How can I enter my licence plate number?
Please enter your vehicle licence plate number in the Licence plate number field with all separators (as shown in your vehicle documents). It is not possible to enter umlauts and special characters. Please replace letters such as e.g. Ö or Ø by O and letters such as Ä or Å by A etc.
Which emission class does my vehicle have?
Please find the emission class in your vehicle documents. If you do not know your emission class or your emission class is not listed, you have to select “Euro 0”.
Which emission class should I select for an electric HGV?
For electric HGV please choose the emission class "Euro 6 or less polluting".
Can the vignette be transferred?
No, in principle it is not possible to transfer the vignette.
An error has occurred while printing the receipt. How can I print the receipt again?
As soon as you exit or close the confirmation page, it is not possible to print or save the confirmation any more.
Can I get a booking confirmation electronically, by e-mail or as a download?
After completing the booking, in the portal you will see a page with an option to print the booking receipt.
I don't have a fuel, fleet or credit card. Can I book online anyway?
You can only book online if you have a registered fuel, fleet or credit card. On the homepage you will find a list of the possible means of payment. Otherwise the vignette can be booked at the numerous POS stations. A list of the POS locations can be viewed in the internet under
How far in advance can I book the vignette?
Basically the vignette can be booked with a start date throughout the current year for a validity period of max. 1 year. At the end of each year, the new tariffs for the following year are determined. From this date, advance bookings with a start date in the following year are possible.
What is the maximum period of validity for a vignette booking?
The vignette can be booked for maximum 1 year.
Why can’t I book a vignette for my vehicle which has been registered in Denmark or Sweden?
For vehicles which are registered in Denmark or Sweden, the vignettes have to be purchased at the national tax authorities or the road traffic licensing office.
My computer crashed during the booking. How can I check whether the booking has been entered?
If you have not yet confirmed the booking by pressing the “BUY” button, then your booking has not been carried out. Please contact the Hotline under telephone number: +49 1805 014653 * only if you have completed your booking in this manner and your system has crashed. (* 0.14 euros per minute or part thereof from the Deutsche Telekom landline, other call charges may vary depending on the service provider or the mobile network. Callers from abroad pay the costs charged by their providers for international calls. Last update: 1.4.09).
Do I have to or can I register for online booking?
No, registration is not necessary.
What is the CVV2? Where can I find it?
CVV2 is the verification code and is only stated on the back of the credit card. The last 3 digits are the verification code.
What is the meaning of the signature on my booking?
The signature is a security feature.
Do I have to keep a booking confirmation in the vehicle?
No, the printout of the booking data is not significant. The receipt is for your documentation only and you do not need to carry it with you in the vehicle.
Where can I find information on refunds?
Information on refunds can be found in the section Documents / Refund Information.
Can I cancel my vignette via the internet?
No, it is not possible to cancel via the internet.
Can I cancel my internet booking at a point of sale?
No, internet bookings cannot be cancelled at a point of sale.
How long does it take to process my refund?
After receipt of your documents, your application will be processed within a few days.
I have lost my receipt. Can I get another one?
No, you cannot get another receipt. The booking is also valid without any receipt.
Under what telephone number can I contact the hotline?
You can contact the hotline from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am till 5:00 pm CET on telephone number +49 1805 014653 * (* 0.14 euros per minute or part thereof from the Deutsche Telekom landline, other call charges may vary depending on the service provider or the mobile network. Callers from abroad pay the costs charged by their providers for international calls. Last update: 1.4.09).
Are the booking receipts suitable for tax purposes?
Yes, the booking receipt can be treated as an invoice for the purposes of tax law.
How long do you have to keep the booking receipts?
The receipt is not significant for the booking. Please take note of the legal obligation to retain data for tax purposes.
When can the Hotline be contacted?
You can contact the Hotline from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm CET.
For what period is my one-day vignette valid?
A one-day vignette is valid for one calendar day, at the earliest however from the time of booking.
How long before you start your journey do you have to book the Eurovignette?
After the booking has been completed, no further processing time is required. If you have booked a Eurovignette with an immediate start of validity, you can use the toll roads directly after booking.
Who can buy a Eurovignette for his/her vehicle?
In principle, anyone can buy a Eurovignette for his/her vehicle. It is only important that the Eurovignette is bought before starting your journey and the correct data is entered during the booking.
Is my booking data stored?
In addition to the data required for the Eurovignette booking, your current IP address will also be determined and stored. The IP address will be deleted 3 years after the end of the Eurovignette validity.
Can I get an invoice for my booking?
The booking receipt can be treated as an invoice for commercial law and tax purposes. An additional invoice will therefore not be generated.
Where can I find the user manual for the portal?
The user manual can be found in the section Documents / User Manual.
Why do I receive an error message, when I book with my VISA or Mastercard?
Bookings with VISA and Mastercards are limited. You can book 4 eurovignettes within 3 days with the same card. Maximum amount per booking is 50 €. In case you have a higher requirement, vignettes can be booked with other accepted means of payment.
Can I book several vignettes in one booking process on one credit card?
Multiple bookings (shopping basket) are only possible with a petrol-/fleet card.
Do I receive a booking receipt, if I carry out several bookings in one booking process?
In this case, you can print out or download a summary receipt that contains an amount for each Eurovignette.
What do I have to do, if my card limit is exceeded after having entered several vignettes?
The vignettes with the earliest date of validity will be booked first. All bookings up to the card limit are carried out and the non-bookable vignettes remain in the shopping basket. You can book the Eurovignettes remaining in the basket with nother payment method.
Can I cancel vignettes that have already been added to the shopping basket?
Each entered Eurovignette can be cancelled from the shopping basket prior to having confirmed a binding purchase.
Do I have to buy a Eurovignette, if I park in side roads, parking areas, or lay-bys?
Please refer to the road traffic authorities of the relevant country for detailed information.
Can I travel through several Eurovignette countries during the booked dates?
Yes, during the booked days you are able to enter all Eurovignette countries, also several countries in one day
Can I book several Eurovignettes all at once with the petrol- and fleet cards?
Yes, you can book up to 10 Eurovignettes in one process.
What is a 3D-Secure-Code?
Entering the 3D-Secure-Code will give additional security in case of online credit card transactions, thus reducing the risk of fraud and not carried out payments by card misuse.
Do I have to carry the receipt on me while travelling?
The Eurovignette is saved electronically, rendering the actual carrying a receipt with you unnecessary as from 1st October 2008.
What do I have to do if my card information cannot be entered in the booking process?
Contact your card issuer whether Eurovignette payments are allowed on your card.
What do I have to do if my card payment is not accepted?
Please check your booking details and if necessary contact your card issuer.